One of the great things about staying in Tasmania is that there is so much to see and do. There are plenty of exciting events for the entire family. Among the many events are a variety of different sports that can be enjoyed.

For Betting Enthusiasts

For those who take pleasure from wagering on different sports then Tasmania has a lot to offer them. Several different sports are enjoyed in this region of Australia. Even for those who cannot find time to visit Tasmania, there are still some options for betting on some of their sporting events. It is just a matter of going online to check out the Unibet Odds that may be available for one of the sporting events that is going to be taking place.

Favourite Sports

Which sports that are going to be the most popular at the time a person is visiting Tasmania will depend on the time of year that they are visiting.


For those that are going to be visiting during the summer months in Tasmania, they are going to find that Cricket is the most popular sporting activity that is taking place. This particular sport is also considered to be the most popular one for this region of Austalia. As such there are plenty of events to be enjoyed during its active season. For example, there is the Tasmanian Grade Cricket competitions.

The state’s cricket team is the Tasmanian Tigers which is a first-class team. For world representation, this is the Tasmanian Roar. Some of the domestic competitions that can be enjoyed are the Matador BBQs One day cup and the Sheffield Shield.

Australian Rules Football

For those who enjoy football, then they may want to plan their visit to Tasmania during the winter months. This is when the best games can be enjoyed. Tasmania also enjoys this sport. Aside from Victoria Tasmania was the first to play Australian Football with the implementation of Victorian rules. The first colonial match to take place here was in 1884. Since then they have been recognised for their strong competitive nature for interstate play.


Those who enjoy basketball will not be disappointed as there will be plenty of games within this sport category to be enjoyed. Tasmania is known for hosting many of the top teams within this sport. At the present time, they do not have a team that represents this region.

Additional Sports

There are plenty of other sports that are enjoyed in Tasmania, such as:

  • Motosport: Also very popular and one of the major events is the V8 Supercars championships. Then there is the Australian Grand Prix and the Targa Tasmania.
  • Watersports: There are several different championship swimming events that can be enjoyed here such as the Australian Swimming Championships. Then additional water sports included water skiing and water polo. For those who are into Yachting, this too can be enjoyed in Tasmania.

Winter Sports

There is no disappointment for sports enthusiasts that are going to be spending some time in Tasmania during the winter. One of the major sports aside from football is snow skiing. Some of the best hills for this winter sport are found in Tasmania. There are eight mountains here that have high altitudes and can provide the perfect environment for this sport. The favoured spots are at Ben Lomond.

  • Ice Hockey: This is a sport that is also promoted, and the majority of the activity for this sport takes place at the Glenorchy Ice Rink.

Aside from all these listed sports, there are many others that are just as popular. This includes horseracing as well as tennis. The Moorilla International Tennis tournament is hosted here.