There are many wonderful things to do while visiting Tasmania. A lot of people like to use this as their vacation place. Others may be here on business. No matter what the reason for being here, one of the best activities to be enjoyed is the various types of racing events.

Taking It a Step Further

While there are plenty of racing events that can be enjoyed, the excitement of this type of sport can be taken a step further. Individuals that enjoy the races can also enjoy betting on them. Wagering on horse races is allowed, and the government has set specific rules in place in regards to the betting transactions and this activity on the whole.

For those who cannot get out to a Tasmanian horse race but still want to participate in the betting action, there are some great opportunities to do this online. When one chooses to bet on Tasmanian horse races online, there are different types of bets that they will be able to make. There will also be a variety of races that are open for betting action online.

Exciting Horse Racing Events

There is not likely a time where there won’t be an exciting horse racing event to attend while in Tasmania. The following are just a few of them. It will depend on the time of year that an individual is in Tasmania as to which horse racing events that will be available to them.

September Sizzles

As the name implies, this is an event that is planned for September. It takes place each Wednesday night, and it is comprised of the trots. It is an event that a whole group can attend and not only enjoy the races but also partakes in some great food.

Tearing up the Turf

Some events may be a one time only. Often there are races that are helping to support a cause. For example, the Tearing Up The Turf for Terry. This is an event that was hosted by the Tasmanian Turf Club along with the Aussie Legend Events. It is not specifically a horseracing event but more of a social event to raise money for Terry Roles who is battling MND.

The Hobart Cup

For some who are real racing enthusiasts, they want to be in Tasmania for the Hobart Cup. This is a huge and important race that takes place every year. It is a Thoroughbred Horse race for Group 3. It is an open handicap. The distance to be covered is 2400 metres. It is usually a race that takes place on the second Monday of February each year. It is one that comes with a huge prize purse of $250,000.

Mebourne Cup

It doesn’t take much for those who are staying in Tasmania to go to Melbourne for the very famous Melbourne Cup. This is for three-year-olds and over, who will race the distance of 3200 metres. It takes place on the Flemington Racecourse and is one of the major events of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.

Using Resources

With horse racing being such a popular sporting event in Tasmania and other parts of Australia there are lots of resources available. These include various schedules that outline what races are up and coming along with different information about the races. For those who are pre-planning their vacation in Tasmania, they can often access these resources online.